Since his beginnings in the north of Spain, both his learning and professional career have evolved over the years in many different parts of the world.

His work has been exhibited in USA, Perú, India, China, Austria, Belgium, France and Spain.

The sculptures are unique pieces shaped from wood, iron, stones and many other different natural elements collected from around the world.

Vacuum, movement, balance, light and the relentless pursuit of beauty and spirituality are the characteristics that challenge and shape his creativity.

Alberto thinks of art as a therapy and his aim is to purify and share his emotions through it.



Until february 2018, participation in the 6th edition of "DREAMSCAPES" Contempory Imaginary Realism, Austria

"GIARTAC", Exhibition with Hebdaart design Gallery, in casino Modern Belgica, Gent

Colective Exhibition "Burnt but not broken" in Hasselt, Belgium


Permanent Exhibition in "La Casa del Arte", Brussels, Belgium

Exhibition in  "Burnt but not Broken 2" 's fair in Hasselt, Belgium


Private exhibition in "Warm Art Place", Brusselas


Permanent exhibition in "Los Agustinos" Hotel**** in Haro, Rioja

Participation in Haro in  a  solidarity gala for Vicente Ferrer association

Colectiv Exhibition "Grotesque",  design school from Rioja, Musas House in Logroño


Permanent exhibition in Hotel "Finca de los Arandinos", Entrena, Rioja

Exhibition with The Rioja Bank Fundation, Calahorra

ART INNSBRUCK in Austria with "Nou mileniu gallery" from Barcelona


Exhibition in "Nou Mileniu Galery" in Barcelona

Exhibition with The Rioja Bank Fundation, Calahorra, Rioja

Exhibition in Art Beijing, INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR in PEKIN

Exhibition with The Rioja Bank Foundation, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Rioja


Lineart Fair, in Gent, Belgium in collaboration with The Gaudi Gallery

Exhibition with the Rioja Bank Fundation, Najera, Rioja

Group exhibition at the Popular University in Logroño, Rioja

Exhibition in Arnedillo, Rioja

Group exhibition at the Hermitage Our Lady of Orio, Villoslada de Cameros, Rioja


Exhibition in Munilla, Rioja, Spain

Collective Exhibition in the Hotel "Principe de Gales" in Paris

Collective Exhibition in the Hotel "Abba Montparnasse" in Paris


Exhibition in The Gallery "Barca Solar" in Madrid


Exhibition in Sitges (Barcelona). Competition of plastic arts.

Exhibition in Sitges in The Garrofer Restaurant and exhibition rooms.


Exhibition in the Popular University of Logroño (Rioja, Spain)

2003 to 2004

Development and work in restauration technology


Exhibition of young sculptors of plastic arts in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain)

Itinerant sample of the sculpture "Maruata" in the Rioja for 6 months

Exhibition combined with sculptor Somocurtzio in Bilbao (Spain)


Collective Exhibition in the Gallery "Mac Nair Gallery" (Telluride Colorado)

Collective Exhibition in the Gallery "American Design LTD" (Telluride Colorado)

Collective Exhibition in the Gallery "Foreign Traders" (Holy Fé, Nuevo Mexico)

Collective Exhibition in the Gallery "Good hands gallery" (Holy Fé, Nuevo Mexico)


Technical development of sculpture with a Peruvian Sculptor in Peru

Diverse sculptural works by request of a constructor of wooden houses in the Rocky Mountains (Telluride Colorado)






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